Crypto NewsAltcoinPEPE Whales Are Active Again: Many Frequent Inflows and Outflows to Exchanges

PEPE Whales Are Active Again: Many Frequent Inflows and Outflows to Exchanges

A significant increase in activity is observed in the whales and price of the popular memecoin PEPE. Here are all the details.

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Whale wallets continue to be active in PEPE, the memecoin that has been on the agenda lately due to intra-team conflicts and price fluctuations.

According to data, Wintermute Trading, a large market making company, moved 8.3 trillion PEPE ($5.43 million) to central exchanges in the transfers it made today.

However, the cryptocurrency whale with the short wallet address 0x9d5 continues to collect large amounts of PEPE from exchanges.

In addition, many PEPE centers with a minimum value of more than 100 thousand dollars were transferred to the exchanges during the day.

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Despite this, the token's price continues to perform particularly well today. PEPE has gained 16% in value in the last 24 hours and is trading at $0.0000007122 at the time of writing. Despite this, the token could not reach the level of the events that took place about a month ago.

Graph showing today's rise in the price of Memecoin.

Last month, some of the main developers of the PEPE token betrayed the project and sold a large amount of tokens from multisig wallets, according to the statement of the main team.

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance holds $75 million worth of PEPE tokens in its cold wallets on behalf of its customers and holds a significant portion of the token with a market value of $246 million.

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