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Fresh Addresses Withdrew Large Amounts of Altcoins to Their Cold Wallets Today: Here are the Details

Newly created cryptocurrency whales seem to be focusing on some altcoins. Here are the fresh wallets and their altcoins.

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Following the FED's interest rate decision this week, new wallets were created for some altcoins and these wallets withdrew a large amount of tokens from central cryptocurrency exchanges.

According to data, a newly created wallet withdrew 4.08 million Curve Finance (CRV) tokens from Binance during the day today. The total value of these tokens was recorded as 1.96 million dollars. Curve Finance is one of the cryptocurrencies that has remained on the agenda lately. The DeFi platform powered by the token was the victim of a major hacking attack.

The CRV token, which was traded at around $0.72 before the attack, is at $0.48 at the time of writing this article.

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However, the altcoin with the main fresh wallet activity was Chainlink (LINK). Since September 15, 81 new whale wallets have been created in Chainlink token, and these whale wallets started withdrawing LINK tokens from Binance to their cold wallets on September 18.

In total, 81 wallets transferred a total of 7.26 million LINK ($31.58 million) tokens to their newly created wallets.

LINK price has shown a remarkable increase in the last month and gained 13% in value compared to last month.

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