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Pantera Capital Senior Manager Evaluates the Huge Volatility in Bitcoin

Pantera Capital manager Cosmo Jiang touched upon the price fluctuations experienced by Bitcoin in the TV program he attended.

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Pantera Capital Portfolio Manager and Crypto Asset Manager Cosmo Jiang recently shared his views on the ongoing volatility in the cryptocurrency market amid Bitcoin's significant rise.

In a conversation with Yahoo Finance, Jiang highlighted the overall status of digital assets, stating that Bitcoin is just one component among a multitude of tokens, with more than 400 tokens having a market capitalization exceeding $100 million. Citing historical trends, he emphasized the potential for altcoins to significantly outperform Bitcoin during various phases of the bull market.

Regarding the timing of investors entering the market, Jiang preferred gradual steps and said that those who do not own any crypto assets should consider allocating a small percentage of their portfolio to crypto assets. Citing a Coinbase survey that found nearly 20% of Americans currently own cryptocurrency, he suggested there is significant headroom for growth.

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Referring to recent price fluctuations, Jiang also acknowledged Bitcoin's volatility, describing it as typical for an early-stage technology asset.

Despite the brief pullback, Jiang expressed confidence in the market's resilience, noting that there has been a rapid recovery thanks to strong demand from a wide range of investors.

Jiang explained Pantera Capital's investment strategy, emphasizing that they focus on tokens that represent protocols with real-world applications, strong management teams and sustainable business models.

*This is not investment advice.

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