Crypto NewsAnalysisOptimistic Commentary on Bitcoin from Bernstein Analysts

Optimistic Commentary on Bitcoin from Bernstein Analysts

Experts at Benstein Private Wealth Management expect the rise in the leading cryptocurrency to continue.

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Experts at Benstein Private Wealth Management, the leading investment and wealth manager in the USA, have released their latest forecasts for the crypto market and Bitcoin.

Analysts stated that the banking crisis, which emerged last month and continues today, will positively affect cryptocurrencies. According to investment experts, problems in the central financial system will lead people to alternative storage tools.

Banking Problem Continues

The investment note of Gautam Chhugani and Manas Agrawal shared by CNBC includes the following prediction for Bitcoin:

"The strengthening of the safe-haven perception of cryptocurrencies may lead to the beginning of a new cycle. The difference between Treasury rates and bank deposit yields reveals that the problem continues."

Experts claimed that in light of this negative expectation, the FED would have to abandon its tight monetary policy.

“When the dollar drops in value, investors will be more interested in Bitcoin, which plays the role of 'digital gold'.”

Bitcoin in 2023 Delights Its Investors

Even though the crypto money market has had tough days in 2022, the faces of investors laughed in the new year.

Bitcoin has provided investors with around 75% returns since the beginning of the year. Although there is fluctuating pricing in the current situation, it may be reasonable for the prices that have been rising since the beginning of this year to make some corrections.

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