Crypto NewsAnalysisAvalanche's (AVAX) Latest Statistics Has Been Released! Is Growth Continuing?

Avalanche's (AVAX) Latest Statistics Has Been Released! Is Growth Continuing?

The unofficial community account, which compiles data on the Avalanche ecosystem, revealed the latest status of AVAX with a graph.

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The Twitter account AVAX Daily, which is closely followed by the Avalanche (AVAX) community, shared the latest statistics of the Avalanche ecosystem. According to unofficial data, the number of subnets on AVAX has increased to 59.

The report shared by AVAX Daily contains statistics that will make most investors happy. While the number of daily active users on Avalanche was around 30 thousand in March, this figure is over 60 thousand today. The increase in the number of active users is one of the most important data showing the increasing interest in the ecosystem.

Apart from 59 different subnets, the number of blockchains created on Avalanche was recorded as 45. The unofficial AVAX follower underlined that DFK Subnet, one of the subnets, plays an important role in network activity.

According to statistics, approximately 1.3 million of the 14.55 million transfers in the last 7 days were made on DFK Subnet.

While the number of active addresses was recorded at around 74 thousand, Avalanche Chain made up 65 thousand of the total number, while DFK Subnet was limited to 6,000. However, it is worth remembering that the amount of transfers in other subnets does not exceed 1,000.

AVAX Price

The native cryptocurrency of the Avalanche ecosystem, AVAX, continues to move in line with the general market.

$AVAX, which has lost 1.6% since the beginning of the week, is currently trading around $14.75.

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