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Nvidia Bullish Analyst Reveals Bitcoin Price Prediction

An analyst, known for his bullish statements about Nvidia, made a Bitcoin price prediction in the program he attended.

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Beth Kendick, a well-known name in AI investing and chief technology analyst at IO Fund, reiterated her bullish stance on Nvidia and made a bold prediction about Bitcoin's price trajectory in a recent interview.

Kendick, known for his unwavering belief in Nvidia even during periods of volatility, has now turned his attention to the cryptocurrency market.

Regarding Bitcoin, Kendick explained that BTC is the third largest position in his firm's portfolio. With Bitcoin's recent rise and exceeding $63,000, Kendick believes that going beyond this level could push BTC to a minimum of $100,000, which was a prediction he had previously expressed in the program he attended.

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The most important reason why Nvidia shares are trading so high overall is due to its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered price movements over the past year. The stock, which rose 61% this year, added to its 240% rise in 2023. The company's shares have risen 481% in the last three years. Although Microsoft is currently the largest company in the USA, Nvidia seems to be aiming for this throne.

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Okay, is Beth a he or a she? Not the first time I’ve seen this in crypto articles.

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