Crypto NewsAltcoinNo Transactions Can Be Taken On This Altcoin's Network For 18 Hours!

No Transactions Can Be Taken On This Altcoin's Network For 18 Hours!

It has been learned that one of the most popular altcoin networks of the last period could not be processed for a long time, such as 18 hours.

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There has been no transaction on the Sui (SUI) altcoin testnet for 18 hours. The most recent transaction was on April 22nd at 02:28 and the testnet status is showing Sync.

According to the official Discord account, this could be related to a protocol version upgrade. Devnet was unaffected.

Mysten Labs announced that the Sui mainnet will go live on May 3, 2023.

Graph showing a long period of inactivity on the SUI testnet.

Sui Network is a Tier 1 blockchain that aims to enable digital asset ownership with speed, privacy, security and accessibility.

It was created by former Meta (formerly Facebook) employees who wanted to create a different platform for their Web3 applications.

Sui Network uses a delegated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and a parallel processing architecture to achieve high throughput and low latency. Sui Network also supports dynamic entities as on-chain objects that can have their own attributes and logic outside of smart contracts.

Sui Network has its own programming language called Move, which is designed to be secure and expressive for smart contract development.

Sui Network launched its permanent testnet in March 2022 and hosts various events and initiatives to develop its developer community.

Sui Network also has a browser extension called Sui Wallet that allows users to generate, import and store keys, transfer coins and NFTs, and interact with web3 applications on Sui Network.

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