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New Records Are Coming from the Solana (SOL) Ecosystem: The Change in the Last Three Months is Incredible

According to the data, new records continue to come from the Solana (SOL) ecosystem. Here are the latest data and details on SOL.

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In a notable development, stablecoin transfer volume on the Solana blockchain surpassed $300 billion this month, setting a new record.

This figure represents an increase of more than 2500% from the previous year, compared to just 11.56 billion in January 2023.

The market share of on-chain stablecoin transfer volume on Solana also showed significant growth, rising to 31.82% from just 1.17% a year ago. Stablecoin volume change in the last three months has been a staggering 639%.

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However, in the week of January 8 alone, the transfer volume of the entire stablecoin world exceeded $367 billion. This significant growth is largely driven by USD Coin (USDC) transfer volume on Solana, which has seen stablecoins reach their highest transfer volume levels in over a year.

When it comes to daily cryptocurrency transaction volumes for the past month, Solana leads the way with 22.7 million transactions. It is followed by Tron with 4.8 million transactions, Sei Network with 4 million transactions, BNB Chain with 3.8 million transactions and Polygon POS with 3.3 million transactions.

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