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Mysterious Whale Buys Tens of Millions of Dollars Worth of Altcoins on Binance Again – Here’s Its Latest Transaction

A mysterious giant whale continued its massive altcoin accumulation in recent days with purchases from Binance.

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A mysterious wallet known as “Whale 0x865” was observed withdrawing a significant amount of money from the popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance. Over the last two days, the whale transferred various tokens worth a total of $85.02 million to his cold wallet.

Just a few hours ago, the whale withdrew a total of $32.2 million worth of four different tokens:

  • 67,000 BNB ($15.3 million)
  • 6,300 ETH ($13.2 million)
  • 230 billion SHIB ($1.92 million)
  • 200 million IOST ($1.82 million)
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This comes on the heels of a withdrawal made approximately 20 hours ago, in which the same whale withdrew $1.21 million worth of APE, ZIL, GRT, MANA, AXS, MKR, JASMY and AVAX.

Whale 0x865's account was created 175 days ago, on June 8, 2023. However, recently a large number of tokens began to accumulate in the account. This led to speculation that the account may belong to Binance itself.

As of now, Whale 0x865 has various assets worth a total of $86.6 million.

*This is not investment advice.

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