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Mysterious Trader Breaks His Three-Year Silence, His Post Increases the Prices of Two Altcoins at Once! One Lucky Investor Made 32X Profit!

Solana-based meme token named KITTY increased by over 6000 percent after Keith Gill's post, while an investor made 32x profit.

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Keith Gill, the stock trader and analyst known on social media as “The Roaring Kitty” and who largely fueled the GameStop frenzy in late 2020, has signaled his return to the markets after three years of silence.

While the financial analyst nicknamed “The Roaring Kitty” shared from his X account after a long break, a Solana-based meme token experienced a significant rise after this post.

Although there is no clear statement about Keith Gill's return, his post increased speculation about Gill's return. At this point, the price of Roaring Kitty (KITTY), a Solana-based meme token, has increased by more than 6000%.

This increase in KITTY allowed one lucky investor to make a 32x profit. According to Lookonchain's post, before Keith Gill's post, this investor spent 21.1 SOL (worth 3 thousand dollars) to buy 17.4 million KITTY.

While the price of KITTY increased after Gill's post, the investor sold for 41 thousand dollars and still holds KITTY, whose approximate value is 56 thousand dollars.

“Memecoin KITTY increased by over 6000% after TheRoaringKitty shared on Twitter.

One lucky guy spent 21.1 SOL ($3k worth) to buy 17.4 million KITTY before TheRoaringKitty tweeted.

After KITTY rose, he sold 12.8 million KITTY for 294 SOL (worth $41k), leaving 4.6 million KITTY (worth $56k).

Profit $94k (32x)!”

After Keith Gill's post on At this point, the GME price has increased by 158% in the last 24 hours.

*This is not investment advice.

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