Crypto NewsAltcoinMysterious Cryptocurrency Whale Reappears: Purchased $83.6 Million Altcoins with 55 New Wallets

Mysterious Cryptocurrency Whale Reappears: Purchased $83.6 Million Altcoins with 55 New Wallets

According to the latest onchain data, a mysterious giant whale withdrew a large amount of altcoins from the cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

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An unidentified whale continues to steadily accumulate LINK, the native token of the Chainlink network.

Over the last five days, this whale has accumulated a total of 4,556,684 LINK, which amounts to a staggering $83.6 million. The funds were transferred from the cryptocurrency exchange Binance through 55 new wallets.

In other related news, a new wallet identified as 0x398 is reportedly active on Coinbase. This wallet recently attracted 21,836 LINK worth approximately $400,000 at a price of $18.31 per LINK. Over the last seven hours, the wallet has withdrawn a total of 129,968 LINK from Coinbase through five transactions, amounting to approximately $2.38 million, at an average exchange rate of $18.3 per LINK.

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As of the last update, LINK price stands at $18,320. LINK's market cap is currently around $10,758,753,670. The circulating LINK supply is 587,099,971 tokens, which means the total unlocked supply is 58,710%.

LINK price has shown surprising growth recently. The altcoin has increased by more than 30 percent in the last month.

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