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Major Fraud Suspicion in Project Awaiting Token Listing: Users Can’t Withdraw Their Money – Major Exchange Cancels Listing

It is reported that users cannot withdraw their funds in the project, which is expected to list its token today. Here are the details of the fraud suspicion.

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Heated debates have begun in the crypto community that the controversial cryptocurrency platform ZKasino is a scam.

Users are reportedly unable to withdraw their cryptocurrencies from the platform. However, the official Telegram account of the platform was also banned. According to Onchain data, the amount of assets in ZKasino's official deposit address approached 10,500 ETH, or $32 million. However, ZigZag, another cryptocurrency platform, previously claimed that the ZKasino team was a fraudster.

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Examining the website retrieved via the Wayback Machine, it appears that on April 18, ZKasino removed the sentence “Ethereum can be refunded and bridged back” in the Bridge funds in the bridge interface.

However, the platform accused of fraud also had a plan to launch a token, and even the MEXC exchange was planning to list this token. In the initial statement made by MEXC for the token named ZKasino (ZKAS), it was stated that the listing to be held today was initially postponed. Following this, MEXC announced that it canceled the ZKAS listing due to the feedback from users.

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