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Major Development in Celo (CELO): Fundamental Changes Coming

The Celo dev team presented a new transition that has been shown to be very important for the altcoin for community feedback.

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Celo has announced its proposal to evolve from a standalone EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain in its current state to an Ethereum Layer 2 solution.

The plan includes moving from being a standalone EVM-compliant Layer 1 blockchain to being an Ethereum Layer 2, opening the doors for enhanced integration and collaboration with the Ethereum ecosystem. The proposal will be discussed at a management call scheduled for 21 July.

After months of detailed research by the cLabs team and preliminary discussions with key Celo and Ethereum community members, the proposal outlines an architecture where Celo leverages the OP Stack to operate as an Ethereum Layer 2.

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This transition will bring a few key changes, including a decentralized sequencer powered by Celo's existing suite of validators and running the Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus.

In addition, the off-chain data availability layer, operated by Ethereum node operators and protected by restaked ETH, will add further security measures.

According to the developers' statement, this design will allow Celo to maintain low fees while maintaining tier 1 block finality.

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