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LUNA Classic Burning Platform Hacked!

Terra Classic's DeFi protocol has been hacked.

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Terraport Finance, the largest DeFi protocol of the Terra ecosystem, which was renamed Terra Classic after the collapse of Terra (LUNA), was hacked.

Terraport Finance reported on Monday that its Terraport Liquidity wallet has been hacked.

Stating that they are working to solve the hack incident and secure the protocol, the team said that they plan to issue a press release describing the attack and the steps taken to increase security.


A breach was detected in the Terraport Liquidity wallet this morning.

The Terraport team is currently investigating this breach and efforts have been made to secure the protocol.

More official press releases will be released later. Thank you for your understanding…"

Classy Crypto, Terra Classic influencer and part of the Terraport marketing team, said a hacker stole approximately 9.5 million TERRA, 15 billion LUNC and 5.5 million USTC.

Stating that the stolen funds were transferred to Binance and MEXC Global, the Terraport team asked them to freeze the cryptocurrencies transferred from these exchanges.

Binance CEO CZ, who was not indifferent to this request, said, "Open a file on this situation in Binance as soon as possible. It will be a much faster response than writing to me. I do not know what address or wallet in Binance." 2Fterra-luna-classic-burn-project-terraport-hacked

What is Terraport?

Terraport is a DeFi platform developed by the TerraCVita developer group to revive the Terra Luna Classic network and increase the LUNC burn rate.

The platform raised $2 million in funding in January. The team had successfully burned 100 million LUNC tokens within the first week following the platform's launch.

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