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Loaded Bitcoin (BTC) Transfer from Giant Whale: Bringing it to the Stock Exchange!

A giant cryptocurrency whale has come to the fore again with its latest transaction. Here is the amount of profit he made.

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According to on-chain data, a huge cryptocurrency whale has processed a large amount of Bitcoin (BTC).

Giant Bitcoin Whale Made $390 Million Profit From Its Trades

The whale in question sent exactly 11,000 Bitcoin ($330 million) to the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex an hour and a half ago.

Whale wallet previously received 46,542 Bitcoins ($935 million at the time) from Bitfinex at an average of $20,083. Whale account has sold a total of 36,500 BTC of these coins at an average of $ 28,039 and received $ 1 billion from this sale.

The whale currently holds 10,042 more BTC, and with the current price, the whale’s total profit from these sales is $390 million.

The whale in question received its first BTCs last June.

At the time of this writing, BTC price is trading at $30,081 with a 0.25% loss in the last 24 hours.

*Not investment advice.

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