Crypto NewsAltcoinLido DAO Does Not Want To Refund SushiSwap's ETH!

Lido DAO Does Not Want To Refund SushiSwap's ETH!

Lido governance refused to return some of the Ethereums lost to a third party by SushiSwap last month.

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Lido DAO, which makes the management decisions of the decentralized lending platform Lido Finance, has opposed the return of a small portion of the seized SushiSwap funds.

SushiSwap, which lost $3.3 million worth of cryptocurrencies as a result of an app flaw last month, has made up for most of its losses. The Lido vault of the DeFi platform, which bought back 885 Ethereum, has about 40 ETH tokens.

Michael Patryn, co-founder of QuadrigaCX, who allegedly abused the decentralized platform, evaluated some of the stolen ETH tokens on the Lido Finance platform. Lido DAO management, on the other hand, started a vote last weekend for the return of 40 Ethereums in the executive award category.

Interesting Result from the Returns Vote!

The return vote to SushiSwap was negative. 99% of preferred governance members refused the return of said ETH tokens.

Speaking after the event, one of the Lido executives, nicknamed Hasu, emphasized that the vote will have important consequences for the governance of the DAO in the future. Hasu stated that he did not find it right for Lido to act as an intermediary between third parties.

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