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Legendary Cryptocurrency Developer and Altcoin Founder Speaks About the Issues at Solana: “Indication of Success”

Fantom (FTM) altcoin founder Andre Cronje touched upon the recent problems in the Solana network in his statement.

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Andre Cronje, the founder of Fantom (FTM) and also considered one of the architects of today's DeFi system, reiterated his support for Solana (SOL) in his recent statement.

Cronje's statements come at a time when the Solana blockchain is overloaded by memecoins and a significant portion of users' transactions cannot be processed.

Cronje argued that the blockage was not a failure, but rather a testament to Solana's thriving ecosystem. “Solana has so much demand for block space right now that they need to optimize some bottlenecks,” Cronje said. He also said that these performance bottlenecks were engineering problems, not flaws in the consensus mechanism or any critical components.

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With his statement, Cronje claims that Solana's current problems are a result of his success. The increasing demand for block space is seen as a clear indicator of the growing popularity of the platform and the expanding development of its ecosystem.

The founder, who had declared his support for the SOL in the past, said that after the latest problems, “those who previously warned him about the SOL have now started to say 'I told you so'.” Cronje rejected these criticisms, calling Solana's current situation a “victim of success”.

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