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JUST IN: This Altcoin Founder and Argentine President Javier Milei Met: They Discussed a Possible Investment

According to the hot development, the founder of an altcoin came together and held a meeting with Argentina, which has become Bitcoin friendly.

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The Worldcoin team, led by Tools for Humanity co-founders Sam Altman and Alex Blania, met with Argentinian President Javier Milei today. The meeting is one of the team's efforts to garner global support for their project.

At the meeting, among other issues, a Worldcoin investment in the country was discussed.

Tools for Humanity, co-founded by Blania and OpenAI CEO Altman, is the main developer behind the Worldcoin (WLD) project. The meeting was shaped around the progress of artificial intelligence, humanity's preparation for artificial intelligence and potential investments in Argentina.

Worldcoin has faced scrutiny from various governments over its data protection practices. However, the project is taking steps to improve its image. Last month, Altman and Blania met with government leaders in Malaysia in a similar effort.

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Worldcoin scans the different eye irises of each person through the “Orbs” it has established around the world and distributes WLD coins to these people in return. However, this brings with it many privacy concerns. The Worldcoin team claims that it does not store people's iris information.

The Orb system prevents people who have previously received WLD altcoin airdrops from fraudulently re-purchasing tokens.

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