Crypto NewsAltcoinJUST IN: South Korea's Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange Upbit Lists the Anticipated Altcoin

JUST IN: South Korea’s Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange Upbit Lists the Anticipated Altcoin

Upbit, South Korea's largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced to investors that it has listed a new altcoin.

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Upbit, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea, announced that it will add the CyberConnect (CYBER) token to the BTC market on August 22, 2023.

Deposit support for CYBER will begin within 3 hours of the announcement and will only support deposits from the Ethereum network.

Trading support for CYBER is scheduled to begin on August 22, 2023 at 09:00 CEST (UTC +3). Buy orders will be restricted for the first 5 minutes and sell orders will be restricted to prices below -10% of the previous day's closing price (0.0001785 BTC) on CoinMarketCap. Market price and limit orders will also be initially restricted for approximately 1 hour.

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Volatility increased in the price of CYBER after the listing announced by Upbit. The altcoin was recently listed by Binance.

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