Crypto NewsAltcoinJUST IN: Elon Musk commented on the photo with PEPE in it

JUST IN: Elon Musk commented on the photo with PEPE in it

Elon Musk's comment on a photo containing the mascot of the PEPE altcoin attracted the attention of the cryptocurrency market.

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According to a last-minute development, Tesla's billionaire CEO Elon Musk commented on a humorous visual containing PEPE in his statement.

In the visual, a PEPE dreams “in the year 2000 about how peaceful and economically comfortable the 21st century will be.” Musk comments on this image, which has become humorous because it is not true and is referred to as a “meme” in the Internet language, saying that the image “deeply affects people”. Musk uses the phrase “meme goes hard” in his answer.

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The phrase “go hard” is often used in internet slang to express that something is intense, impressive or extreme. So Musk is likely expressing that he sees the meme's message as a powerful and ironic commentary on the state of the world.

Possibly bots following Musk's posts on

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