Crypto NewsExchangeIsrael Seizes Terror-Related Binance Accounts!

Israel Seizes Terror-Related Binance Accounts!

Israel announced that it has seized some accounts and assets on the giant crypto trading platform.

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According to a report published on Reuters, one of the world's largest news-media organizations, minutes ago, the Israeli government seized some Binance accounts.

NBCTF, the country's anti-terror law enforcement agency, seized two Binance accounts and assets. The authorities pointed to the jihadist terrorist ISIS as the reason for the sanctions.

According to the statement published on the NBCTF official website, ISIS was carrying out the flow of finance and money through Binance accounts registered in Israel. State officials made a statement that the financial resources of the terrorist organization were hit with the seizure move.

The Israeli government agency did not make a statement about the amount of crypto money it seized as a result of the operation. According to a Reuters report, Israel has seized 190 different Binance accounts for national security reasons since 2021.

There has been no response yet from the crypto exchange Binance and CEO Changpeng Zhao on the subject.

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