Crypto NewsBitcoinIs SEC Chairman Gary Gensler Resignation Rumors True? Here is the Truth

Is SEC Chairman Gary Gensler Resignation Rumors True? Here is the Truth

How true are the claims, especially popular in the cryptocurrency world, that SEC Chairman Gary Gensler will resign?

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In a recent statement, renowned cryptocurrency journalist Eleanor Terrett addressed rumors swirling about the potential resignation of US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gary Gensler.

Terrett said:

“I received many questions yesterday regarding the veracity of the rumor that Gary Gensler would resign. Considering that it is an election year, it is highly likely that these will be his last few months as president. Therefore, it is not possible for him to resign prematurely.”

He also added that the chances of the White House allowing Gensler to resign are slim. Currently, the process of finding a replacement for him would be nearly impossible, according to Terrette.

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However, Terrett hinted at a possible departure within the SEC Commission. “Democratic Commissioner Caroline Crenshaw's term expires June 5. When I reviewed the White House's statements regarding nominations, I noticed they have not yet nominated her or anyone else for the position,” he said.

Crenshaw is known for his anti-crypto stance, voting against Bitcoin spot ETFs. The White House did not comment on the matter.

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