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Iran Earthquake in Cryptocurrencies: There is a Big Decline in the Market! Here is the Last Situation

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After the rumors turned out to be true and Iran hit Israel with drones, there were major declines in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets in general.

According to data obtained from Binance, Bitcoin price dropped to $ 60,600. The level of decline following the development reached up to 7%.

As, we reported the development in question before there was a decline and the BTC price was at $ 66,500.

Here are the details of Iran's attack on Israel:

  • Israel CH12 Channel: Dozens of Iranian-launched UAVs are on their way to Israel, flight time may last hours.
  • Fox News reported that the US Centcom commander left Israel.
  • More than 50 Iranian unmanned aerial vehicles took off towards Israel.
  • It will take several hours to reach Israeli airspace.
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle activity was observed over Iraq.
  • Iranian, Jordanian and Israeli airspaces will be closed.
  • Israeli army and air defense are on high alert
  • This incident is Iran's first direct attack on Israel.
  • Iraq closed its own airspace.
  • According to the US statement, US and allied warplanes and air defense systems will try to neutralize Iranian unmanned aerial vehicles before they reach Israel.
  • The White House National Security Council also confirmed the attack.

Details coming…

*This is not investment advice.

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