Crypto NewsNewsInvestment Management Company Hamilton Lane Announces New Tokenized Fund

Investment Management Company Hamilton Lane Announces New Tokenized Fund

Hamilton, who manages billions of dollars, tokenizes an investment vehicle that he offers to his clients using the Polygon blockchain.

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UK-based giant investment manager Hamilton Lane aims to expand its client base by tokenizing another fund it offers to its clients.

According to the latest data, Hamilton, which manages more than $ 800 billion in assets, announced that it will tokenize an investment vehicle it offers to its customers using the Polygon blockchain. The company is digitizing its Senior Loan Fund (SCOPE), which it launched last October, by partnering with Securitize, created on Polygon. The giant investment firm tokenized another mutual fund called Opportunities Securitize Fund V in January.

What Does Tokenization Do?

Investment management companies that command billions of dollars in assets often serve individuals or corporations with large assets. To give an example on Hamilton Lane, the tokenized loan fund normally requires a minimum of $2 million in inflows.

However, the fund, tokenized through Securitize, causes the minimum investment amount to fall from $2 million to $10,000. Thus, digitalized mutual funds allow investors with lower incomes to gain access.

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