Crypto NewsAnalysisImportant Ethereum Comment from Crypto Money Analysts!

Important Ethereum Comment from Crypto Money Analysts!

As the FED meeting approaches, leading crypto money phenomena shared various analyzes and data on Ethereum.

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The decisions of the FOMC meeting, which closely concerns the crypto money markets, will be revealed on March 3, 2023. While crypto investors are feeling negative due to the upcoming monetary policy meeting, analysts are trying to predict the next move with technical comments.

Crypto Phenomenon Sees Critical Formation In Ethereum!

Carl From The Moon, the founder of CryptoJobs, which brings people looking for jobs in the field of blockchain and crypto together with employers, continues to share his technical analysis with his 1.3 million followers.

Claiming in his profile description to have invested in around 400 crypto startups, the phenomenon has spotted a Shoulder-Head-Shoulder (OBO) pattern on the Ethereum chart.

Making an inference on the 4-hour chart, the Twitter phenomenon set $1,570 as the formation target if the $1,800 level is broken down.

Shoulder-Head-Shoulder is a technical analysis formation that is generally interpreted in the bearish direction.

On-Chain Data Weak According to Ali Martinez

Another social media phenomenon, Ali Martinez, shared on-chain data from Glassnode.

Commenting on the number of active users graph, Martinez suggested that participation in the Ethereum network is currently weak.

"The increase in the number of active users indicates the growth in the ETH network. However, the fact that the monthly average does not exceed the annual average indicates a weak course."

Especially after the FED's interest rate decision, a more volatile price movement is expected in cryptocurrencies. Especially the fact that the ETH / BTC chart is at the support level can be quite positive for altcoins in the scenario that Bitcoin does not experience a sharp decline.

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