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Huge Project Finally Announces Airdrop Distribution: Here Are All The Details

A major cryptocurrency project will distribute airdrops to reward its users after a long wait.

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Celestia announced its airdrop of Genesis Drop with the aim of creating what it calls the “first modular data availability network”. This campaign aims to encourage and encourage users to participate and participate in building their community.

Starting today, 7,579 developers and 576,653 onchain addresses will have the opportunity to join Celestia from the first block.

Eligible participants can claim up to 60 million TIA of Celestia's local holdings until October 17, 2023 at 15:00 UTC (12:00 UTC).

The Genesis Drop is split into two parts: one-third (20 million TIA) is allocated to 7,579 developers and researchers, including Eth Research, as well as those contributing to joint products and core protocol infrastructure.

The remaining two-thirds will be allocated to 576,653 on-chain addresses, while 20 million TIA will go to the most active users of Ethereum rollups.

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Participants who purchase TIA tokens in the Genesis Drop will then be able to purchase blobspace and “protect the network from the first block,” according to Celestia. The airdrop of 60 million tokens, representing six percent of the total supply, will end on October 17.

“The essence of Celestia's mission is to enable anyone to launch their own blockchain in minutes by simply paying for blobspace with TIA,” the developer organization said.

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