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How Will The Ripple (XRP) Case Be Turned Out? Lawyer Listed 4 Possibilities!

Ripple investors focused on the court decision.

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The price continues to trade at $0.50 while Ripple investors await the summary decision in the ongoing lawsuit with the SEC.

Lawyer John Deaton, who followed the case representing tens of thousands of XRP investors and was in the file as a litigator, shared the possible results of the Ripple case and his own expectation.

Deaton, who thought that the SEC was unfair from the first day he filed the lawsuit, also reiterated his criticisms of the opening process of the case.

"If Ripple was violating your securities laws, why did you wait all this time?" Deaton asked, stating that the SEC's 2018 reviews concluded that XRP is not a security.

“If the SEC really thought so, it wouldn't make sense to allow Ripple to sell XRP. Ripple should have sent a letter ordering it to stop selling XRP. On June 13, 2018, the SEC did not do so because it concluded that today's XRP is definitely not a security.”

Deaton, who thinks that Ripple is ready to win the case, conveyed the 4 possible results with the following words:

“The judge decides that the sale of XRP is not covered by any investment contract and XRP is not a security and this could result in a clear Ripple win. To me, this is the most likely outcome.

Second, the Judge may decide that sales of XRP in the early years violated securities laws for a period of time, but that today's secondary sales of XRP do not qualify as securities.

The third possibility is that the SEC wins the case, which I see as zero probability.

Finally, no one wins the case and the case goes to the jury for the final decision."

Stating that it is still possible for the case to result in a settlement, Deaton stated that Ripple received the green light on this issue, but the SEC side remained silent. According to Deaton, there is still the possibility of reaching an agreement before the summary judgment.

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