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How Will ETH Price Be Affected Once Spot Ethereum ETFs Are Approved? A New Prediction Comparing Bitcoin (BTC) and Gold Came from the Famous Analyst!

Bitfinex head of derivatives Jag Kooners evaluated the impact of possible ETF approval on Ethereum and its price.

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Following the spot Bitcoin ETF approval, all eyes are on the SEC's possible approval of spot Ethereum ETFs, while expectations for ETH ETF approvals are increasing.

At this point, experts evaluating the impact of Ethereum ETF approvals said that if spot ETFs are approved in the USA, they may increase institutional investment in Ethereum, but it is unlikely to create sudden and large price increases after approval.

However, he stated that even if there is no sudden and large price increase, they expect Ethereum to enter a sustainable upward trend like Bitcoin (BTC) and gold after the possible ETF approval.

Speaking to Coindesk, Jag Kooners, head of derivatives at Bitfinex, evaluated the impact of possible ETF approval on the ETH price, telling CoinDesk:

“Ethereum ETFs will not cause bubbles, that is, a sudden and sharp price increase followed by sudden declines.

Despite concerns about price, institutional investment through an ETF could stabilize the Ethereum market and drive sustainable growth in price, as seen with Bitcoin and gold ETFs.

In addition, Ethereum Layer-2 solutions increase scalability by enabling faster, cheaper transactions outside of the main blockchain, encouraging growth.

“Unlike Bitcoin's security focus at this point, Ethereum's L-2 solutions prioritize rapid expansion while potentially attracting institutional investment into Ethereum.”

Finally, Kooners pointed out that there is not yet a clear decision on whether Ethereum will be considered a security or a commodity by the SEC, and said, “The ongoing regulatory debates regarding ETH continue to be a significant obstacle to ETH ETFs.”

*This is not investment advice.

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