Gold News

Which has a higher chance after the halving: Bitcoin or Gold? Famous Millionaire Answered!

Arguing that Bitcoin is digital gold, Anthony Pompliano, founder of Pomp Investments, argued that BTC will surpass gold.

Bitcoin and FED Comment from Famous Billionaire Mike Novogratz! FED Will Fire Up BTC Price Whether It Wants It Or Not!”

Bitcoin (BTC), FED and gold sharing came from Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz. When will the FED cut interest rates?

Coinbase Compares Bitcoin and Gold! Can BTC Dethrone Gold?

Comparing Bitcoin and gold, Coinbase said the increasing adoption of BTC as digital gold could attract new investors.

Bitcoin Enemy Peter Schiff Compares BTC to Gold Again

Bitcoin foe Peter Schiff argued that BTC should rise by $23,000 to $94,000 to cover the rise in gold.

World Famous Bank HSBC Tokenized This Commodity and Offered It to Its Customers!

The bank became the first company to create a blockchain-based real-world asset designed specifically for individual investors.

Bitcoin Gold Comparison from JP Morgan! Which One Is First?

JP Morgan said that investors have not switched from gold to Bitcoin, but have bought from both since the beginning of the year.