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How Will Bitcoin Spot ETFs Affect BTC? Analyst Reminded Gold: “There Was An 8-Year Rally After First ETF”

Popular Bitcoin analyst Willy Woo explained his views on how a potential Bitcoin Spot ETF approval could impact BTC.

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Famous Bitcoin (BTC) on-chain analyst Willy Woo recently made some interesting statements about the potential impact of Bitcoin Spot ETFs on the cryptocurrency market.

Woo suggests that we are likely on the verge of approval for a Bitcoin spot ETF.

Drawing parallels with the SPDR Gold Trust, the first commodity ETF, Woo points out that this ETF provides a simple way for investors to include gold in their portfolios. Following this product launch, gold experienced an eight-year rally from 2005 to 2012, without a single down year, according to Woo.

Graph showing the rise in gold price following the launch of the ETF.

However, one of Woo's followers questioned this analogy, arguing that buying Bitcoin is already quite accessible. The follower said, “I see this analogy all the time, in fact if someone or an institution wanted to own BTC right now they could easily do so anyway. Yes, an ETF would be a little less hassle, but it would be a lot less than what it would take to buy physical gold versus a gold ETF.” It causes problems.” said.

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ETFs are known as financial instruments created to provide product exposure to institutional investors who often have difficulty purchasing and storing the actual product.

In contrast, Woo argued that buying Bitcoin is more complicated than buying gold for the average person:

“For normal people, I think buying BTC is much more complicated than buying gold: For gold, you buy a gold bullion coin from the local dealer and put it in your vault. For Bitcoin, you buy a hardware wallet, learn the private keys, back up the keys securely, keep the addresses learn how it works, learn how exchanges work, buy BTC, send to wallet address, don't lose keys.”

*This is not investment advice.

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