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How Much Can Each Coin Produced After Bitcoin Halving Be Worth? Economist Answered

In his statement, Timothy Peterson talked about what might happen after the halving in Bitcoin.

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Economist Timothy Peterson, known for his work on applying Metcalfe's Law to Bitcoin, recently shared his views on the post-halving value of BTC.

According to Peterson, approximately 164,000 Bitcoins will be produced every year after the halving. This figure does not take into account lost coins, suggesting that the net number could even be negative.

Peterson also evaluated the impact of ETF net flows on Bitcoin's value. Considering that ETF net flows are 125,000,000 per business day, this equates to a net inflow of $31 billion. When this figure is divided by the number of new coins issued (164,000), a value of $ 192,000 per new coin issued emerges.

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Peterson also stated that if Bitcoin finishes the month above $61,395, it will equal the record for consecutive positive months set in 2012. This metric is usually seen before major declines, but can also occur during post-downturn recoveries, according to the analyst.

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