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Hot Moments: Bitcoin Worth $2.1 Billion Seized by the US Government Started Moving – Here is the Address to Follow

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According to cryptocurrency detective ZachXBT, $2.1 billion worth of Bitcoin (30,100 BTC) that the US seized from Silk Road was moved and transferred to another wallet.

Additionally, a test transaction of 0.001 BTC ($69) was also sent from the same address to the Coinbase deposit address, and according to ZachXBT, this could be a test transaction for subsequent transactions.

The $2.1 billion Bitcoin fund has not yet been transferred to the Coinbase deposit wallet, and it is unknown whether it will actually be transferred eventually.

The hash value of the test transaction in question was determined as “9c3af4b48e66565f1da1da8278036fa1dbb09f2beaaca99c3504475390ba4590”. In addition, the Coinbase deposit address is known as “3KrZVU9Jz4UKHpKUtuvkEMX1tY8zeiTvX2”.

This article will be updated as details become available.

*This is not investment advice.

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