Crypto NewsAltcoinHot Development: This Altcoin Announces Collaboration With Dubai Multi Commodities Hub!

Hot Development: This Altcoin Announces Collaboration With Dubai Multi Commodities Hub!

This altcoin announced on its official blog page that it has signed an important cooperation agreement in Dubai.

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The Ankr (ANKR) altcoin team has announced a strategic partnership with Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC), the world's largest free zone and a global trading hub.

The collaboration aims to provide comprehensive support to the 500+ member Web3 businesses in the DMCC Crypto Center and foster their growth and development through innovative products, infrastructure and advisory services.

As part of the collaboration, Ankr will offer its comprehensive solution package to businesses within the DMCC Crypto Center. This will give them access to a variety of products and services, including application-specific blockchain engineering, node infrastructure, Web3 gaming solutions, NFT marketplace solutions, staking and decentralized finance products.

By leveraging these services, businesses will be able to accelerate their development processes and enter the market equipped with all the necessary resources to succeed in emerging Web3 ecosystems.

The DMCC Crypto Center plays a vital role in supporting the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry by providing a supportive environment, regulatory clarity and access to resources.

Ankr's products and services will be a valuable resource for companies, helping them with project development and scalability.

Ankr CEO Chandler Song expressed his excitement for the partnership and said:

“Our partnership with Dubai Multi Commodities Center is a testament to our commitment to drive the global adoption of blockchain technology. Dubai is a critical hub for Web3 innovation, and by providing industry-leading solutions to member businesses of the DMCC Crypto Center, we can develop the next generation of Web3 businesses, applications and experiences capable of driving industry adoption to the next billion users.”

*Not investment advice.

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