Crypto NewsBitcoinHistorical Moment: Bitcoin Breaks All-Time High Record

Historical Moment: Bitcoin Breaks All-Time High Record

Bitcoin (BTC) price managed to break the all-time high price level record. The cryptocurrency world has reaped the fruit of its exciting wait.

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The new record in Bitcoin, the moment that the entire cryptocurrency world has been waiting for, has finally arrived. With the rally it experienced, the Bitcoin price managed to exceed the $ 69,000 threshold on the Binance exchange.

BTC, the world's largest cryptocurrency, broke its last record in November 2021, and today that record was broken again.

Spot Bitcoin ETFs were approved in the United States earlier this year. The launch of these funds paved the way for new large investors and reignited enthusiasm and momentum reminiscent of the 2021 rally to record highs.

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However, in terms of total market value, Bitcoin managed to break the record for the highest value of all time on March 4. BTCs released since the last record caused this price difference.

However, there are also those who think that the record price of BTC should be adjusted due to high inflation in the USA. According to experts, the record BTC price adjusted for inflation corresponds to approximately $ 77,000 today, and the eye of the cryptocurrency world may be on this level as of today.

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