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Has the Sunken Bitcoin Exchange Started Refunds? Users Shared Receipt! Here are the Details!

Creditors of the long-defunct Bitcoin exchange have begun claiming that they have begun receiving fiat refunds for their Bitcoins.

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Creditors of long-defunct Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox claim they started receiving fiat refunds for their Bitcoin almost a decade after the exchange closed.

Mt.Gox Creditors Reportedly Received Repayment After Almost a Decade

Posts on the Reddit r/mtgoxinsolvency page claim that users have started receiving refunds in Japanese Yen via PayPal.

Since the funds closed on February 24, 2014, Mt. It was locked in Gox. Although this news has not yet been officially confirmed, it has given great hope among creditors who have been waiting to recoup their losses for nearly a decade.

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A Reddit user named Free-end254 shared a screenshot of an email containing a PayPal receipt and wrote, “I just got paid.”

This development, Mt. It follows an email sent on Nov. 21 by Nobuaki Kobayashi, the trustee overseeing Gox's estate, informing creditors of the start of repayments.

In the e-mail, it was planned that the first repayments would start in cash in 2023 and the process would continue until 2024. However, the exact timeline for individual refunds was not specified.

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