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Hack Shock In This Altcoin: Suspended After Attack!

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Degen Zoo, a hobby project aimed at creating a cryptocurrency zoo game similar to Logan Paul's Crypto Zoo, has announced that it is suspending the game and launching an investigation following a suspected vulnerability in Binance Oracle.

According to a tweet by Wu Blockchain, a Chinese crypto media outlet, BscScan points to an anomalous situation when an address with a pre-address 0x8E…3c3c destroyed about 2 million DZOO (approximately 58,000 USD) on April 2.

This address also received about 1.8 million DZOO from another address with the name 0x9F…a7a9, which seems to be related to the vulnerability.

Degen Zoo Linked to DAO Maker

Degen Zoo was one of the projects included in the incubation program by DAO Maker, a platform that provides resource generation and growth solutions for blockchain startups. Degen Zoo made its public sale on DAO Maker on March 8, offering guaranteed shares for DAO token holders. The sale was met with high demand and enthusiasm from the community.

DAOMaker also assisted Degen Zoo with technology consulting and product strategy.

The team behind Degen Zoo has not yet disclosed the details of the vulnerability or its impact on users and investors. They asked for patience and understanding as they worked to resolve the issue. They also stated that they will provide updates as soon as possible.

DAOmaker is a platform that provides fundraising and growth solutions for blockchain startups.

*Not investment advice.

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