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Google Cloud Announces It Will Support Polygon Ecosystem

Silicon Valley giant Google's cloud services subsidiary also supports the Polygon ecosystem after Ethereum.

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Google Cloud, the subsidiary of the technology giant, which provides cloud data storage services, announced that the "Blockchain Node Engine" tool, which it launched to provide a better environment for Web3 developers, will also support the Polygon network.

Thanks to the new collaboration, it is aimed to increase the growth and expansion of the ecosystem, while Polygon developers carry out their activities more easily.

Speaking to the crypto press, the Google Cloud spokesperson said that the Blockchain Node engine already supports Ethereum; For Solana, he emphasized that the integration work has continued since November.

Following the deal, Brendan Farmer, chief executive of Polygon Labs, said:

"The infrastructure offered by Google Cloud brings great advantages for Polygon. With the technology that we will develop more easily thanks to the cloud service, we will work to reduce transaction fees and realize fast transfers."

According to Farmer, developers prefer to shape their projects on Polygon to get easier financing.

Which Products Are Supported?

According to the joint statement of Google Cloud and Polygon Labs, all protocols such as PoS network, Polygon zkEVM and Supernets are in support.

The leading technology company recently announced a program to support Web3 developers.

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