Crypto NewsAnalysisGlassnode Announces Latest Data For Bitcoin: "This Level Is Critical In BTC!"

Glassnode Announces Latest Data For Bitcoin: "This Level Is Critical In BTC!"

Cryptocurrency analysis platform Glassnode gave a level that it considers important in its latest analysis it published.

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Glassnode, a popular organization for on-chain market information for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, posted a Bitcoin analysis on its official Twitter account.

The analysis focused on the cost basis and profitability of short-term asset holders, defined as those who have held their coins for less than 155 days.

Glassnode: "No Profit or Loss Level of New Investors in Bitcoin is $25,200, This Level Can Play a Support Role"

According to Glassnode, the cost base for short-term Bitcoin holders hovers around $25,200, meaning neither a profit nor a loss point for new purchasers. If this level is reached, it will appear that the average price at which these investors bought their coins is equal to the current market price.

The cost base is calculated by dividing the realized capitalization by the number of coins moved in the last 155 days.

Glassnode also noted a successful retest of MVRV = 1.0 in the March correction, which is typical for markets in an uptrend.

MVRV stands for market value divided by the realized value ratio and measures the relationship between Bitcoin's market value and its realized value. A value of 1.0 indicates that the market cap is equal to the realized value, which means that all coins are neither in profit nor in loss.

Glassnode analysis then raised a question: Will Bitcoin reach $25.2k and find support at this level?

*Not investment advice.

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