Crypto NewsAltcoinGiant Whale Starts Accumulating PEPE After Binance Listing!

Giant Whale Starts Accumulating PEPE After Binance Listing!

A giant cryptocurrency whale started accumulating massive amounts of PEPE after it was listed on Binance.

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According to on-chain data, a cryptocurrency whale made significant changes in the distribution of altcoins in its wallet after the surprise meme token listings today.

Whale Wallet Sells WOJAK After Listing, PEPE Bought

According to data from blockchain analytics platform Lookonchain, the whale purchased 1.24 billion PEPE tokens for $313 million USDT at a price of $0.000003973.

Shortly after that, the whale exchanged 120 million WOJAK tokens for 27.83 billion PEPE tokens, which were worth approximately $117,000 at the time of the transaction. WOJAK is another meme token inspired by a popular internet character and represents disappointment and despair.

Whale also traded 100 million WOJAK tokens for 77.5 million TURBO tokens worth approximately $117,000.

The whale's moves come after Binance announced that it will list PEPE, a token based on the popular Pepe the Frog meme, on its platform on May 5, 2023. The announcement triggered a surge in the price and trading volume of PEPE, as well as increased interest in other meme tokens.

PEPE describes itself as a "community driven" and "fair launch" token that aims to "bring memes to life".

*Not investment advice.

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