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Giant Whale Buys Load of These 6 Altcoins Amid Iran-Israel Crisis and Halving Momentum

According to Onchain data, a large cryptocurrency whale has recently made significant purchases from 6 different altcoins.

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According to onchain data, it was determined that a large cryptocurrency whale collected a large amount of altcoins in the last five days.

According to the development announced by the cryptocurrency analysis company The Data Nerd, a giant whale with the short address 0x84d added a large amount of altcoins to its basket in the last 5 days, when geopolitical crises and halving expectations were at their peak.

  • 315,000 ETHFI – $1.13 million
  • 7.1 million DOGE – $1.04 million
  • 2.25 million PIXELs – $950,000
  • 1.07 million ENA – $919,000
  • 19.8 million PEOPLE – $471,000
  • 548,000 ALT – $230,000
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The total value of these purchases made by the giant whale is approximately 5 million dollars. Whale used Binance to make these large purchases. When other details of the whale wallet in question are examined, it is observed that there are a total of 5.5 million dollars in assets in the wallet.

In addition to his recent purchases, the whale also has SUSHI worth $175 thousand, YFI worth $153 thousand and AEVO worth $89 thousand. For now, it looks like he's made a profit on all of his recent purchases.

*This is not investment advice.

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