Crypto NewsAltcoinFTX Moves Millions of Dollars of Altcoins to CEXs Again

FTX Moves Millions of Dollars of Altcoins to CEXs Again

FTX, the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange, again transferred millions of dollars worth of altcoins to central exchanges for sale in its recent transactions.

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In its latest statement, cryptocurrency analysis company Nansen found that the bankrupt FTX company, which has been transferring a large amount of altcoins to central exchanges for sale in recent days, has transferred tokens again in recent hours.

According to the statement of Nansen analysts, in the last hours from FTX and its affiliated Alameda wallets, Basic Attention Token (BAT) worth $ 1.6 million, Mask Network (MASK) worth $ 2.4 million, Polygon (MATIC) worth $ 2.5 million, Compound (COMP) worth $ 465,000, Lido Finance (LDO) worth $1.2 million and Ethereum (ETH) worth $5 million were moved to cryptocurrency exchanges.

The total transfer made in the last hours was 13.7 million dollars.

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Nansen stated that altcoins worth less than $1,000 were excluded from the recorded transfers.

Nansen also transferred a total of $16.8 million in transfers made earlier in the day. Taking today's two mass transfers into account, FTX has reached a total of $ 232 million so far. Solana (SOL) accounts for $110 million of the transfers.

SOL has been experiencing an impressive rally in recent days despite the selling pressure on it.

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