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FTX and Alameda Research Wallets Sell Altcoins Again

Altcoins were sold again from the cryptocurrency wallets of bankrupt cryptocurrency companies FTX and Alameda.

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In a significant move, Alameda Research transferred three different assets worth $3.66 million in the last 24 hours. Assets include 1,150 Ethereum ($2.66 million) transferred to Coinbase and 499,500 Toncoin ($1 million) transferred to FalconX and Wintermute.

This is not an isolated incident. FTX and Alameda Research have collectively divested 92 tokens worth a total of $713 million since October 24, 2023. These transfers span multiple blockchain platforms, including Ethereum, Solana, and Avalanche.

Despite these significant transfers, both organizations maintain strong asset accumulations. FTX currently has assets worth $631,275,276.09, while Alameda's assets stand at $321,780,776.32. In other words, the two companies still have almost $1 billion worth of crypto money in total at the time of writing this article.

Here's a summary of FTX's major holdings:

  • FTT: $448.64 million
  • BOBA: $21.41 million
  • GT: $15.13 million
  • TONS: $14.10 million
  • TOMOE: $13.87 million
  • LEO: $12.95 million
  • XAUT: $10.17 million

*This is not investment advice.

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