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Four Cryptocurrency Whales Have Become Active in the Last Hours: They Traded High Volume on Different Altcoins

Several major cryptocurrency whales have made large trades in recent hours that have caught the attention of onchain analysts.

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Several cryptocurrency whales have made a splash in the crypto market by making significant transactions in the last few hours.

The whale with the short name 0xed0 is preparing to deposit 34,290 NMR (equivalent to $874,840) to Coinbase wallet number 10. This is the first time 0xed0 has deposited NMR to a centralized exchange (CEX). Interestingly, this wallet had withdrawn NMR 4,170 from Coinbase just five months ago. There has been a decrease of 11.70% in the NMR value in the past 24 hours.

In another significant move, the whale with short wallet address 0xf21 deposited 14,320 ETH (worth $33.48 million) to Coinbase.

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Whale 0x5fd is likely to deposit SHIB 322.27 billion (worth approximately $2.86 million) to Coinbase wallet #10. This is the first time 0x5fd has deposited SHIB to a centralized exchange.

Binance Labs appears to be preparing to deposit 750k PERP (worth $789.75k) into Binance wallet #14. These tokens were purchased from the Perpetual Protocol Foundation Locked Wallet two years ago at an average price of $9.06. Currently, Binance Labs holds 3 million PERP (worth $3.14 million) across seven addresses. At the time of writing this article, PERP price is trading at $1.06.

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