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Former White House Official Says “It’s Done” for Bitcoin Spot ETF Approval – Bloomberg Analysts Clarify

Former White House Communications Director and millionaire Anthony Scaramucci shared a cryptic message, possibly related to Bitcoin spot ETFs.

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In a new development that has stirred the cryptocurrency market, former White House Communications Director and millionaire Anthony Scaramucci hinted at an important development with a cryptic message: “This is over.”

Although Scaramucci did not elaborate on what “this business” means, speculation is rife that he is referring to Bitcoin Spot ETFs, a hot topic in the financial world.

Bloomberg Analyst Eric Balchunas: “We are very close, but there is no official confirmation yet”

Eric Balchunas, Bloomberg's cryptocurrency and ETF expert, responded to Scaramucci's statement and clarified the situation:

“The SEC is making final comments as we speak, after which applicants will file final 19b-4s and S-1s shortly. “So my point is, this is definitely the closest we get to ‘done,’ but as far as I know there is no official confirmation.”

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Although there is no official information, the cryptocurrency world is focused on Friday, which was pointed out by FOX Business reporter Eleanor Terrett yesterday. If there is no improvement on Friday, the deadline for the SEC to make a decision is next Wednesday.

*This is not investment advice.

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