Crypto NewsNewsFirst Decentralized Exchange Launched on Polygon zkEVM Network!

First Decentralized Exchange Launched on Polygon zkEVM Network!

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QuickSwap, developed on the Ethereum layer-2 solution platform Polygon, was launched with the statement made by the official team today.

According to the developers’ statement, QuickSwap has achieved the title of the first decentralized exchange created on the zkEVM network, which Polygon recently started open mainnet testing.

The team promises the decentralized exchange a smooth DeFi experience for users compared to its competitors. QuickSwap stated that they will soon integrate the liquidity mining feature into the platform in addition to cryptocurrency trading.

QuickSwap, the first DEX exchange built on the Polygon zkEVM network, also has connections with other blockchains. Authorities stated in the shared blog post that QuickSwap is also working on Dogechain and that operating in the multi-chain area is of great importance for them.

The decentralized exchange is expected to have much lower transaction costs compared to its peers in tier-1 networks.

“We’ve also contributed to other Polygon projects by supporting the zkEVM infrastructure. We look forward to attracting new users to the decentralized exchange space.”

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