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Famous CEO, who says that the bull market is dependent on the FED, thinks that the bear market is over in Bitcoin! Here's Why!

Anthony Scaramucci said he believes the bear market in Bitcoin is over.

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While investors are waiting for $ 30,000 in Bitcoin, BTC cannot break the resistance at $ 28,000.

However, SkyBrideg Capital CEO Anthony Scaramucci, known for his support of BTC and cryptocurrencies, believes that the bear market in BTC is over.

"Bitcoin Bear Market Might Be Over!"

Speaking to Yahoo Finance, Scramamucci stated that BTC has performed tremendously in 2023, claiming that Bitcoin is the best long-term investment vehicle.

Believing that the crypto winter with many bankruptcies and collapses is behind, the famous CEO stated that he predicted that the BTC price could rise in the coming months and advised investors to trust Bitcoin:

“Bitcoin has increased by about 70% in 2023.

I think these increases are the beginning of a new era for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

At this point we will remain patient for further increases and remain disciplined with the approach we have had for the past 20 years."

Stating that he agrees with Cathie Wood's prediction that Bitcoin can reach $ 1 million by 2030, Scaramucci argued that BTC is the best investment tool that people can choose when investing in the long term.

“When you hold Bitcoin for four years, so you don't sell it, you find that it outperforms any other asset class.”

Stating that the bull market depends on the FED's interest rate decisions, Scaramucci said, "When inflation goes down to around 4-5%, the aggressive policy of the FED will stop. Because I believe that the FED has declared victory in 4-5% inflation. If I am right, there will be a revival in the crypto money market. " said.

"I Trust CZ!"

Finally, commenting on the lawsuit filed against Binance and CZ and how BTC could be affected in a possible collapse, Scaramucci stated that the possible collapse of Binnace could be more devastating than the collapse of FTX.

Hoping CZ can tackle these issues, Scaramucci said:

“Binance is a very important centralized exchange in our industry. If anything happens to Binance, I think it will be a short-term blow.

Sending my best wishes to CZ. I know him personally, I love CZ, I hope this solves the problems. I definitely don't want anything to happen to Binance."

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