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Famous CEO Evaluates SEC's Latest Move: "Spot May Be a Delay Signal for Bitcoin ETF Approval!"

Perianne Boring, president and founder of the US Chamber of Digital Commerce, claimed that the SEC's additional comments signal a delay in ETF approval.

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As we approach the end of the SEC's decision period on spot Bitcoin ETF applications, the SEC has issued additional comments to S-1 filings containing updates from companies applying for ETFs.

While these additional comments from the SEC were interpreted by some as the last step before approval, others interpreted them as a delay signal for ETF approval.

One of those who interpreted it as a delay signal was Perianne Boring, President and CEO of the US Chamber of Digital Commerce.

Sharing about the SEC's additional comments from the X account, the famous CEO said that he was worried about the SEC and its chairman Gary Gensler finding another way to block spot Bitcoin ETF approvals.

“Spot Bitcoin ETF Update: The SEC just issued additional comments on the applicant's pending S-1s. This signals a delay on ETF approvals.”

While the famous name interpreted these comments as a signal of delay, Bloomberg ETF analyst James Seyffart, who was closely followed in the ETF process, argued that the SEC comments were not a signal of delay or rejection for ETF applications.

“It is true that the SEC has made additional comments, comments on the S-1 documents this morning regarding fees that we are all crazy about, but this is not an unusual event, so expect to see more changes tomorrow (January 10th).

“However, I don't think these additional comments are necessarily a signal of delay on ETFs.”

Finally, on Boring's post, a user wrote that Ark Invest's application cannot be postponed anymore and that the SEC will definitely make a decision to accept or reject it.

Responding to this comment, Boring stated that what he meant by postponement was rejection and that “the postponement decision only delays the approval of ETFs.” said.

As it is known, the SEC's ETF decision-making deadline on January 10 covers only Ark Invest's application. However, many people, including Bloomberg analysts, think the SEC will accept ETF applications from all companies.

*This is not investment advice.

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