Crypto NewsBitcoinExperts Warn! Attention to April in Bitcoin (BTC)!

Experts Warn! Attention to April in Bitcoin (BTC)!

Experts said that there may be more volatility in April due to illiquidity in Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin, which started 2023 after a difficult 2022, experienced an increase of about 70%.

Despite the massive uptick in BTC, liquidity still remains low.

According to Bloomberg's report, this will likely lead to more volatility for Bitcoin in April as liquidity remains low.

Conor Ryder, analyst at blockchain firm Kaiko, said about Bitcoin price:

“This is more of an indication of the reluctance of institutional investors to offer liquidity in this area.

Because many crypto companies don't want to be caught in the middle of a war between US regulators and stock markets."

Another name to evaluate the liquidity shortage in Bitcoin was Mark Connors, head of research at digital asset firm 3iQ.

Connors told Bloomberg:

“While Bitcoin has rallied since the beginning of 2023, trading volumes and liquidity in the crypto market have retreated significantly compared to when Bitcoin fell nearly 38% to $28,000 last year.

Because institutional investors got scared and backed off after the crises and regulatory pressure.

Now all eyes are on retail investors, who are an integral part of the crypto system."

Finally, Fiona Cincotta, senior analyst at City Index, made a Bitcoin assessment.

“A more volatile market inevitably awaits us in the face of the low trading volume and liquidity of Bitcoin.

The sharp drop in volumes means there may be high volatility in BTC. So hold on tight, there might be more big fluctuations.

Also, falling volumes, diminishing banking sector concerns and crypto regulation coming into focus suggest that investors' appetite for Bitcoin's highs is waning."

*Not investment advice.

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