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Ethereum Surprised Everyone As Bitcoin Funds Continued!

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Crypto market tracker CoinShares has released weekly cash flow data for digital asset mutual funds. In the last days of the first quarter of 2023, the transaction volume in the funds decreased significantly, while the total inflows remained positive. According to the report, between March 27 and April 2, 2023, investors purchased $2.5 million worth of digital asset funds.

While $2.5 million came out of short-term Bitcoin funds, $8 million flowing into longer-term investment products reveals that investors are more hopeful in the medium term.

In addition to the increasing interest of investors in Bitcoin, the $ 2.8 million outflow from Ethereum asset funds within a week confused them.

On the other hand, the expectations that Ripple's lawsuit with the SEC will end in recent days seems not to be reflected in the funds for now. XRP just received an investment of $800,000.

Regulatory Pressure Has Taken an Effect!

Market researcher CoinShares also shares openly from which regions the investments are made, as well as the cryptocurrency-based chart.

According to the country-based table, it was revealed that German investors transferred $20.5 million to the funds, while $12.7 million was sold in a week from the USA. The increasing pressure on cryptocurrencies and the banking crisis in the country may have negatively affected American investors.

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