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Ether Capital CEO Predicts Ethereum Shanghai Update!

The Ether Capital CEO chose to stay cool with the Ethereums to be unlocked within the week.

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Brian Mosoff, the boss of financial institution Ether Capital, which focuses on staking opportunities on the Ethereum network, spoke about the upcoming Shanghai update.

Mosoff, who participated in an online crypto interview on Monday, stated that he does not expect a significant change in the price of ETH after the completion of the upgrade.

The Ether Capital CEO prefers to stay cool with the Ethereums that will be unlocked within the week. Emphasizing that different things will be discussed for ETH in the medium term, Mosoff revealed the following scenario:

"I expect a different picture in Ethereum in a few months. Small non-institutional stakers are likely to contribute more to the system."

Crypto investment expert Brian Mosoff thinks the traditional financial industry could move into this space if small investors show more interest.

What is Shanghai Update?

The Ethereum Shanghai upgrade, which will be released on Tuesday, April 12, will allow users who have locked ETH to the network to withdraw. Thus, the transition process to PoS is expected to be completed altogether.

Some of the investors and analysts are worried that as a result of the increase, there will be selling pressure and the ETH price will fall.

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